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Constitutionalism 2030: A Prediction

Constitutionalism is in crisis. Everybody, it seems, says so (even if for different reasons). And, of course, the current pandemic only makes things worse (everybody seems to say so too, even if for different reasons). Values once taken for granted seem to be cavalierly discarded. Pictures that remind us of a past many of us don’t even remember accompany our daily lives. And whatever is happening at the moment to affirm such a dim view is not just happing elsewhere. It’s happening right here or, in any event, somewhere close: in neighbouring countries, across an entire region, on a global scale, as some of us fear.

But how will events unfold? Where does the path thus set lead, globally and on a national level? What about the future of democracy, the rule of law or human rights? What part will established political parties, what part will government play in the years to come? What about global and regional ties? Will they, as a reaction to current events, be strengthened or rather weakened over they next couple of years?

We don’t know of course. But we can make an educated guess what to expect. 


Department Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Bezemek, B.A., LL.M. (Yale)

Institute of Public Law and Political Science

Universitätsstraße 15, D3, 8010 Graz

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